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The only way to go is up…

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This month’s issue of Campaigns and Elections magazine has an article that a few other folks are linking to, “Can This Brand Be Saved? To Fix Its Image, the GOP Might Look to Corporate America”. In it, Christie Findlay explores the “branding” problem of the GOP:

In the past few months, political sages have been tossing around the word “rebranding” like confetti at a political convention. “If the GOP brand were dog food, they’d pull us off the shelves,” as Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) put it bluntly. It’s a seductive metaphor-rebranding-because, after all, politics is about making the sale.

Fixing the GOP will take more than a simple re-branding, and Findlay explores the issues facing the party in-depth. The modern Republican Party cannot look to the future and hope to return to power by modeling itself on the past. I admire the conservatives of yesteryear as much as anyone, but we “getting back to the party of Reagan” is not going to help us win in the 21st century. Reagan is dead — his ideas might still have some merit, but this party needs to re-invent itself going forward. Heck, even the class of 1994 is about to be booted out of the Capitol. Fresh ideas and fresh faces will return the party to prominence. It is time to look to the future.

I will continue to explore this topic in a series of future posts.


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October 19, 2008 at 9:05 pm

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